Kid Friendly Wineries in Mornington Peninsula

by Dylan Wells


You find the best kid friendly wineries in Mornington Peninsula and you’ve found the key to a relaxing holiday. You go do a wine tasting, they’re occupied, which means no screaming children while you’re enjoying the fruits of an abundant region; it’s a win-win situation. We’ve handpicked a quiver of wineries in Mornington Peninsula so you can switch off, kick back and enjoy a day without stress.

Read on for our list of wineries in Mornington Peninsula that are kid friendly.

Rahona Valley

When you’re looking for kid friendly Mornington Peninsula wineries, you need a great outdoor area that’s not constricted by mass groups or unspacious seating. Half the stress of taking children ‘out in public’ is the concern they may be upsetting other patrons. Your kids are running amuck, you start to get ‘the look’ whether it’s from a Karen or not, it does affect your mood.

Rahona Valley has the perfect outdoor area and the tables don’t encroach on personal space, so you can stretch out a little without upsetting ole mate on the table next to you.

You’ve got about a half an hour window of sitting down before the kids get restless and want to run around; you can’t blame them when there are fields of vines to explore. Trees completely enclose Rahona Valley, no busy highways or drop-offs, just a neat nook in a peaceful valley. 

One word of warning before you head off for a wine tasting, just tell the kiddies not to go past the trees, there’s no local curse or anything, they are just dense, and it makes it a little hard to peer out of the tasting room to see how they are going. 

Pt. Leo Estate

This stunning winery is a winner. It’s a little classier than your average kid friendly winery in Mornington Peninsula and probably more suited if your kids are above 5 years. 

Firstly, the restaurant is impeccable, serving an extensive menu of innovative dishes incorporating locally sourced ingredients served in an Australian fusion fashion that delights the senses to say the least. Your best bet is to feed the kids beforehand with a homemade toasty and send them out to play while you enjoy the indulging experience that is Pt. Leo.

The best part? From the restaurant, you have a panoramic view of the surrounding vineyard. There are some incredible sculptures that the kids can explore as well as an open outside dining area where they can retire with a lemonade while they wait for you to finish up with your meal or tasting experience. 

Panton Mornington Peninsula

Panton is humble. That’s the best way to describe it; a sleek modern yet cottage-esk layout with beautiful bedded gardens and a scenic lookout that falls onto a nest of luscious vines. It’s the type of paradise that makes you want to retire at 30… 

For the kids, it’s heaven. Wide-open spaces where they can frolic, kick a ball, play tag, hide and seek and when they’ve exhausted all that extra energy, the massive cheese and charcuterie platters on offer are sure to make them snoozy for the ride home so you can enjoy a little more peace and quiet.

For the parents, a wine tasting perhaps? Get on the Panton 2019 Sparkling

‘Seductive with lifted citrus and ginger aromatics. An abundance of citrus fruits and spice, with grapefruit and lemon, finely honed. Generous and energetic with an explosion of complexity which should continue to develop beautifully’.

Or the 2019 Pinot Noir

‘An aroma of dark cherries and spicy plum with hints of aromatic dried herbs.

A generous palate of brooding dark fruits with spice and lift. Plenty of fruit still locked away that will reveal itself over time creating a palate that is more expansive and complex’.

It’s undoubtedly the perfect way to watch a sunset and enjoy a moment of complete serenity before jumping back into a busy week. 

T’Gallant Cellar Door

A little trip to T’Gallant Cellar Door is almost like checking out of Aus for a while and sampling the prosperous lands of Tuscany, well, minus the sandstone castles and old grumpy Italian ladies.

With a Roman influenced menu, sling back some wood-fired pizza, and you guessed it, a whole lot of platters crammed with a whole lot of goodness. Hold up; there’s also a kids menu. This is a detail we think goes unseen far too often. Give the kids what they want!! Check here for the kid’s selection.

The estate used to be an apple orchid, and it is clearly and deliciously displayed in the integrity of the wine with crisp components and fresh fruit-driven notes popping up through their selection. 

Wine Regions’ List of Kid Friendly Wineries in Mornington Peninsula

We hope you have enjoyed our selection of kid friendly wineries in Mornington Peninsula. It’s time to get on the road and make for the coast – don’t forget to strap the kids in.