A Few Epic Wineries in Mornington Peninsula for Lunch

by Jacob King Stanley


If you’re setting yourself up for a trip spent prancing around the Mornington Peninsula wine region then an idea of the best spots for lunch is a necessary and beneficial insight. 

You’re lucky we have visited most wineries in Mornington Peninsula and have the power of hindsight to weed out the one’s not entirely worth visiting. Not that they are ‘entirely bad’; it’s just that if you’re looking for a nice lunch, there are some that only have platters on weekdays, some that don’t serve food at all and well, yes, some that aren’t worth spending your money on – it’s a harsh truth. 

Read on for our take on epic Mornington Peninsula wineries for lunch. 

Mornington Peninsula Wineries for Lunch

While you’re in the countryside and you’ve invested in the fuel alone to get to this stunning region, you may as well live it up a little. Go for fresh, garden-grown ingredients and menu items that you mightn’t have tried before. Then again, we’re not here to tell you ‘what’ to eat just where. But we’ll let you know what’s good on the menu regardless.

Pt. Leo Estate

If you’re on a pilgrimage from the big smoke in search of a Mornington Peninsula winery for lunch, then pilgrim, look no further. Graze as you survey the stunning conceptual landscape littered with monumental sculptures, sea views and well-kept grounds – not to mention the copious amounts of vines responsible for delivering the top-notch Pt. Leo vino.

If you’re eating at Pt. Leo restaurant, you have two options; Laura and the Pt. Leo Restaurant. 


Laura is a beautiful example of fine dining in its sincerest form. It delivers incomparable ingredients, refined and attentive service, and exquisite attention to detail at every stage of the meal.

Ideal for those visiting the region in search of something a little more decadent. 

Here‘s a sample of what you’d hoe into.

Menu Sample

Cape Schanck Leccino olive carbonara, Joselito jamon

Aquna Murray Cod, Flinders black garlic, finger lime,

beach succulents

Lobster flambé, Sauce Aurore Maigre, Yarra Valley roe

Blackmore Full Blood Wagyu, red fleshed apple, hazelnuts,


Yarra Valley Frederic’s goat cheese, burnt honey, oat biscuit

Peninsula berries, Cuveé ‘Bianco’ white chocolate, lavender

Pt. Leo Restaurant

Pt. Leo Estate Restaurant is the main dining area and the vibrant culinary centre of the Estate. Enjoy breathtaking views of Western Port and Phillip Island from the tables paired perfectly with a tall glass of the region’s famous pinot noir. The cuisine focuses on the region’s produce, leveraging partnerships with local vendors to provide a flavour-focused, contemporary a la carte menu. 

Opening Times: Due to Covid Please visit the website

Menu: Here (laura), Here (Pt. Leo)
Book: Here (laura), Here (Pt. Leo)
Address: Here
Price: $$$


4.3 Google Review from 795 reviews

4.5 Trip Advisor from 498 reviews

Ten Minutes by Tractor

The kitchen at Ten Minutes by Tractor wins in the fresh, locally sourced ingredients category, with a competitive edge. Head Chef Hayden Ellis has worked at some of the world’s best high-end restaurants, including Heston’s The Fat Duck, Vue de Monde, and Bistro Guillaume in Melbourne.

As a result of Ellis’s extensive expertise in cooking and cuisines, a beautiful assembly of flavours is presented. The Team has succeeded in marrying the link between food, wine, and nature into a selection of tastes and ideas that encapsulate a fantastic meal. 

Ten Minutes by Tractor making it to our list of the best wineries for lunch in Mornington Penisula is a sure thing. Just take a look at the menu below, and it will all make sense. 

Menu Sample

Abrolhos scallop and truffle tartare, with Madeira glazed shiitake, cauliflower gel and caviar⁠

Pan-roasted Hazeldene chicken, wild onion gel, turnip fondant, 10 x pinot sauce

Bundara Pork, foie gras, black pudding, smoked eel, and white chocolate

Opening Times: Due to Covid Please visit the website

Menu: Here
Book: Here
Address: Here
Price: $$$


4.5 Google Review from 217 reviews

4.5 Trip Advisor from 697 reviews


Located in one of the many sloping valleys of Red Hill, Polperro Vineyard steals a spot on our list of the finest wineries for lunch in Mornington Peninsula, and for a few reasons.

Their wine tastings are personal, historical, and thanks to head winemaker Sam Coverdale, who often fronts the tasting tours, quite an insightful and comfortable experience. The tasting room is ambient and moody. Historical and prized vintages decorate the walls, contributing to the atmosphere and character of the experience. 

The restaurant and dining area peers over the valley, and it’s almost difficult to avert your gaze. A view of the valley forest and sounding country hills almost prepares your palette and compliments the farm style ingredients and dishes that you’re presented with.

The dish elements are kept to a small amount, but each flavour combo is well thought out, and there are a few unexpected but delightful flavour combos thrown in the mix. 

Located not too far away from the Port Phillip Estate (our next winery lunch in Mornington Peninsula), it’s worth stopping at both, even if it’s for lunch at one and a tasting at the other. 

Menu Sample

Polperro farm cauliflower, fennel jam

New season jerusalem artichoke, gruyere

Swordfish and ocean trout mosaic, spiced coconut cream

Spigarello kale, cured farm eggs

Opening Times: Due to Covid Please visit the website

Menu: Here
Book: Here
Address: Polperro
Price: $$$


4.4 Google Review from 396 reviews

4.5 Trip Advisor from 502 reviews

Port Phillip Estate

Heading to Port Phillip Estate for lunch is a stimulation of all the senses. The Chefs of old used to say that you eat with your eyes first, and that’s why it’s important that food looks stunning on the plate, as it can affect the preconceived expectation of taste. At Port Phillip Estate, the expectation of aesthetics and quality is set extremely high, before you even get inside.

The establishment is an art piece in itself. The curvature of the structure slots in with the rolling landscape. It’s both exhilarating and intriguing at the same time. Once you walk through the doors, you’re greeted with a view of the ocean and the below vineyards that stretch on for miles.

The menu incorporates Australian ingredients, such as bush pepper, kangaroo, and Jerusalem artichokes grown onsite. It weighs positively on the experience as a whole, as you eat and drink from the same region.

The wine itself is a different story – read our article on Mornington Peninsula wineries for more on the region’s beautiful selection of wine.

Opening Times: Due to Covid Please visit the website

Menu: Here
Book: Here
Address: Port Phillip Estate
Price: $$$


Google Review from reviews

Trip Advisor from reviews

Doot Doot Doot

Thinking outside of the box is the conceptual premise that Doot Doot Doot, or more specifically, head chef Simon Tarlington has built the menu around. I know we’re harping on about the skilful use of Australian ingredients, but the use of wattle in the wattle crusted kangaroo is verging on genius and crossing the line of perfection.

Doot Doot Doot is a part of the Jackalope hotel complex, with plenty to see around the grounds and the choice to eat at Rare Hair as well, which focuses more on the banquet, shared, winery kind of style. It’s great if you’re in the mood to let wine be your focus and you’re looking for a good complementary feed. We recommend both so the choice is yours. 

Opening Times: Due to Covid Please visit the website

Menu: Here
Book: Doot Doot Doot, Rare Hair
Address: Here
Price: $$

Doot Doot Doot Reviews:

4.6 Google Review from 156 reviews

4.5 Trip Advisor from 173 reviews

The Take Away

The best wineries for lunch in Mornington Peninsula are Pt. Leo Estate, Ten Minutes by Tractor, Polperro, Port Phillip Estate, and Doot Doot Doot. We hope you’ve enjoyed our list. For more popular articles related to the Mornington Peninsula – see below 

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