Dog Friendly Wineries Hunter Valley

by Dylan Wells


The Hunter Valley is known for its wine-growing, and there are many dog friendly wineries here. Whether you’re bringing your furry friend for a walk or wanting to stop by for a tasting, these establishments are perfect for you and your pup! Some of the wineries even have special menus just for dogs, and they always have plenty of water bowls and treats scattered around.

Hungerford Hill Wines

With open grassy plains just outside the dining area, this winery is sliding into your dm’s this weekend with the ideal location to take your dog!

Hungerford Hill is a winery that takes great pride in its long-standing reputation for producing excellent wines and providing unique experiences.

The Hungerford Winery’s main emphasis is on the Hunter Valley and NSW’s cool-climate areas, such as Hilltops and Tumbarumba, with guidance from Bryan Currie, their highly trained and award-winning winemaker.

Hungerford Hill provides two tasting experiences. The Standard Tasting is $10 per person. The experienced staff go through each of your selections with you and answer any questions you may have about the wines.

The Epic Tasting Experience costs $60 per person and is meant for experienced palates. Mini-degustation of Hungerford Hill wines complemented with bite-sized dishes from the award-winning two-hatted Muse Restaurant – mentioned at the top of our list of Hunter Valley Restaurants.

Opening Times: Due to Covid Please visit the website
Website: Here
Address: 2450 Broke Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320


4.4 ⭐️ Google Review from 111 reviews

4.5 ⭐️ Trip Advisor from 195 reviews

Pepper Tree Wines

John Davis established Pepper Tree Wines in 1991 with a focus on Hunter Valley grapes, but today the roots run deep for owner John Davis with vineyard holdings in four high-quality winegrowing zones across Australia. The elegance and distinction of Pepper Tree wines are evident. In Pokolbin’s heart, Pepper Tree offers a one-of-a-kind dining, drinking and indulging experience. 

The wine, the grounds, the cellar door, and, most significantly, the personnel all represent exceptional levels. The Cellar Door’s sales staff are pleasant, knowledgeable individuals and it’s apparent they possess a fervency for the region. 

If you’re searching for a delectable cheese and wine tasting in the Hunter Valley, accompanied by your furry friend then Pepper Tree is the dog friendly winery you’re looking for!

Opening Times: Due to Covid Please visit the website

Website: Here
Address: 86 Halls Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320


4.5 ⭐️ Google Review from 135 reviews

4.5 ⭐️ Trip Advisor from 206 reviews

Leogate Estate Winery

The perfect location to enjoy the distinctive flavour only found in the Hunter Valley and in our award-winning wines, is this lovely cellar door.

From intimate fireside tastings in winter to relaxing alfresco tastings overlooking the ranges in summer, our knowledgeable and welcoming cellar door staff will make sure your visit to Leogate Estate is an experience to remember.

A Cellar Door, The Gates Restaurant, and The Gatehouse Accommodation construct the offerings at Leogate Estate. With ample room to wiggle, all dogs are welcome – hence why this one has made it to our list of pet friendly wineries in the Hunter Valley!

Opening Times: Due to Covid Please visit the website

Website: Here
Address: 1693 Broke Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320


4.7 ⭐️ Google Review from 136 reviews

5.0 ⭐️ Trip Advisor from 382 reviews

Tintilla Estate Wines

Tintilla exquisitely captures the heritage of the past with contemporary tastes and adaptability. The Dionysian dancer on their labels alludes to Greek wine culture, in which women who followed the god of wine during supper drank his wine with dancing. Merry vibes are certainly what this winery portrays!

The winery cellar door exudes a warm, family atmosphere that keeps people coming back. Tintilla offers guests an experience to remember: sit at a table across the room and drink spectacular wine from a large Riedel glass while eating a cheese platter with Tintilla condiments, all while looking out over the gorgeous vineyard!

Opening Times: Due to Covid Please visit the website

Website: Here
Address: 725 Hermitage Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320


4.6 ⭐️ Google Review from 136 reviews

4.5 ⭐️ Trip Advisor from 110 reviews

Stomp! Wines

Stomp! Wines – a friendly cellar door in which you can sample the flavours and sights, and witness the people that make this stomping ground so distinctive. The winemakers educate your tasting of Stomp! and Pssst ‘n Broke, two highly praised contemporary brands. They share their expertise, enthusiasm, and hands-on approach to fine winemaking. We’d say this winery is ideal for those that are looking for more depth to their tasting encounters. 

While you’re there, enjoy a delectable cheese platter—the ideal complement to their wine tasting, or pick up some of the handcrafted gourmet delights – chilli jam, preserved lemons, verjuice, extra virgin olive oil, and manzanilla olives available.

They are also super friendly to all four-legged friends – providing they are well trained and are going slow on the wines…

Opening Times: Due to Covid Please visit the website

Website: Here
Address: 504 Wilderness Rd, Lovedale NSW 2325


4.6 ⭐️ Google Review from 80 reviews

4.5 ⭐️ Trip Advisor from 60 reviews

Glandore Estate Wines

At this stellar property in the Hunter Valley, Glandore Estate has created something very special indeed. Their new tasting rooms and covered outdoor areas are encircled by spectacular views of the neighbouring farms and Brokenback Mountain range.

Whether you are coming in for a tasting at the Cellar Door or a more free-style experience on the deck, bring your doggo, sit back, relax and enjoy as they galavant around the grounds just as they should. 

Even better! Book the Cellarhand Lounge! Your private deck offers superb views over the Brokenback Mountain; we’ll bring the tastings to you. The above attributes of this winery collectively translate the diversity of experience whilst visiting Glandore Estate Wines!

Opening Times: Due to Covid Please visit the website

Website: Here
Address: 1595 Broke Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320


4.8 ⭐️ Google Review from 98 reviews

4.5 ⭐️ Trip Advisor from 101 reviews

Iron Gate Estate

With this Tuskan landscape, dogs fit right in! The only thing to look out for is that they don’t go for a swim in the pool; in effect, you can imagine what wet dogs want to do once they get out, and guests may not appreciate that!

The Iron Gate Estate is a boutique winery with 25 acres of vines on a 40-acre estate, which includes a Mediterranean style Cellar Door. Iron Gate Estate grows five distinct grape varieties in addition to the stunning Spanish olive surrounding the property.

Roger Lilliott started the winery in 1996. A retired chemical engineer and self-taught winemaker who was formerly employed by a firm that produced fertiliser. His winery was opened to the public in 2000, and it has been successful ever since. In 2017, Roger transferred ownership of his family firm to Iron Gate Winery Pty Ltd.

The family is dedicated to keeping Roger’s aim of producing creative and uncommon wines. He’s usually at the cellar door giving visitors samples, whether he’s in the winery or not.

Opening Times: Due to Covid Please visit the website

Website: Here
Address: The corner of Ingles Lane and Oakey Creek Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320


4.9 ⭐️  Google Review from 118 reviews

4.5 ⭐️  Trip Advisor from 125 reviews

Gundog Estate Wines

With a name like Gun Dog Estate, it wouldn’t be fair to exclude furry friends now, would it? In fact, you may even spot some of the estate dogs helping out with the winemaking process!

Gun Dog is a boutique, family-owned winery that strives for continuous improvement. Their mantra is to respect the environment, growers, customers, staff & community.

To tie a nice bow around this dog treat, Gun Dog Estate is the last but not least on our list of dog friendly wineries in the Hunter Valley!

Opening Times: Due to Covid Please visit the website

Website: Here
Address: 101 McDonalds Rd, Pokolbin NSW 2320


4.7 ⭐️ Google Review from 87 reviews

4.5 ⭐️ Trip Advisor from 188 reviews

Dog Friendly Wineries in the Hunter Valley with Wine Regions Australia

If you are looking for a dog friendly winery to visit in the Hunter Valley, there are plenty of them to choose from. All of the wineries mentioned in this article allow dogs on their premises, and most of them have outdoor areas where your furry friend can run around and explore. So bring your dog friend along on your next wine tour of the Hunter Valley and enjoy some wine tastings together!

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