6 Denmark Wineries That’ll Get You Feeling Fruity

by Dylan Wells


Denmark, W.A wineries hold claim to some of the best wineries in Western Australia. The many wineries near Denmark offer an abundance of exclusive and exciting products, easily accessible if you were to embark on a Denmark wine tour. 

The best wineries in Denmark are at arm’s length of the pristine Denmark Beaches. There are plenty of things to do if you long to have sand between your toes and a chalice full of wine. With a cultivated scene for live music and just good times in general, read on to find out why the vineyards in this region are a cut above the rest.

The Denmark Wine Region

You’d be forgiven if while reading this you get a thirst for a crisp, thought-provoking Vino. As you journey through the best wineries in Denmark, resist the urge for a little longer, then by all means, book your ticket or have a glass!

If you’ve had the desire to travel west, we would say trust your instinct. The Great Southern Wine Region (though it’s in the west) covers a whopping 200 kilometres from east to west and over 100 kilometres north to south! With all that land, it is Australia’s largest wine region. 

Being so vast, there are smaller subregions that make up the landmass of The Great Southern Region, this includes Denmark Wine Region. The Denmark wineries find themselves along that most southern stretch of Western Australia, 40 minutes West from Albany. Denmark, W.A is receiving glowing reviews on their produce, business methods, bottled wine and front of house experiences. For an unassuming collection of estates on the coast of Western Australia, you’ll find a remarkable group of foodies and wine experts that have flipped this humble region into a benchmark for Australian food and wine.

Wine Tours in Denmark 

If you want to see the best wineries Denmark has to offer and experience the hospitable nature of the Denmark locals, then book your next holiday with a Denmark wine tour.  There are two services that can take you on a guided tour of the Denmark WA Food & Wine Trail. 

The Busy Blue Bus

The Busy Blue Bus leaves from Albany taking short tours of the local Denmark wineries and multi-day tours of The Great Southern Region. Well priced and well-reviewed, the bus can take you to see the sites with on the road commentary and a busy travel itinerary. There is something for everyone, and you won’t miss a thing with the Busy Blue Bus.

The Winelovers Bus

The Winelovers Bus certainly knows its way around the Scottsdale Tourist Route. Depart on the little red bus and be transported to 5 of your top Denmark wineries. For a full day of booze cruising, the Winelovers winery tours only charge $90 a head! Journey through rolling farmland with stunning coastal views passing through big timber country on your way to the diverse cellar doors littered through Denmark Wine Region.

Top Wineries in Denmark

Wine Regions Australia selects wineries based on the experiences they provide; premium quality wine, informative wine tours and tastings, accompanying friendly staff, and the location itself makes for an upward ranking. This list will both entertain and sustain you through an exciting holiday. We have put together our picks of the top wineries in Denmark. Like a vine hanging heavy with plump fruit, this list will quench your thirst and satisfy all urges. Take a trip down the rabbit hole and enjoy a stay at Demark, W.A.

Introducing some of Australia’s leading white and red wine producers, familiarise yourself with local produce and the jaw-dropping countryside. A full tummy, rosy cheeks, and a great big smile stretching from ear to ear are what you would expect from a trip hosting the top wineries in Denmark. 

Singlefile Wines

This Denmark winery values excellence above all else in every stage of its winemaking – a vineyard that respects the functions of viticulture from the soil up. They begin like all premium products, with premium produce. 

Some of Singlefiles’ varieties on their Denmark, W.A site date back to 1986, including their well awarded Chardonnay. The rich fruit that comes from their vines is expertly matched with fruit across the Great Southern region and Denmark Wineries.

The focus then moves to the winery, where the best tools, methods, and people work together on the winemaking craft to create balanced expressions of cool climate wine to be accessible across Australia. 

With resident geese living lakeside at the front of the property, you’ll feel blessed to be in such a tranquil part of the world. Join a Denmark wine tour and learn about the process at Singlefile Wines. Let them show you their product offerings and encourage you to learn a little more about what you are drinking. 

This vineyard lands on the list due to their attention to detail, their passion for viticulture and the experience that they share with those who travel to Denmark, W.A. 

4.5 ⭐️ Trip Advisor from 190 reviews
4.8 ⭐️ Google Review from 110 reviews

Visit Singlefile Wines

The Lake House Denmark

Nothing quite shouts Australian viticulture then wines by a lake. The Lake House Denmark is found inland a few clicks from the coast. Be prepared for breathtaking views across their scenic landscape, prepare to drink, eat and laugh with your friends and family, for this is a place to share an experience. 

The seated tasting options at the Lake House have got you sorted if you’re looking for indulgence. Choose between different seated wine tastings served with lunch. 

If you just feel like grazing, enjoy a selection of cheeses and Vinofood with the selection of cool climate whites and reds. If you’re not well versed in the concept of Vinofood, then you’re in for a real treat; Jams and jellies, fruity syrups, chutneys and relishes, antipasto oils and vinegar all made with the delicate twist of incorporating wine! Vinofood is a culinary mouth party to say the least! 

The food and wine are expertly paired so you can enjoy the flavour combinations of the locally sourced produce. 

It’s easy to get lost in the gift shop and let the conversation run away with the time, so plan your stay for three odd hours. ‘Enjoy the taste of the good life’ The lake house mantra and an inapt description of what’s on offer visiting this Denmark Winery. You wanted to feel fruity, well this conglomerate of grape related fun certainly makes our list of the best vineyards in Denmark.

4.5 ⭐️ Trip Advisor from 581 reviews (restaurant)
4.3 ⭐️ Google Review from 207 reviews

Visit The Lake House Denmark

Ducketts Mill Wines & Denmark Farmhouse Cheese 

There has been no shortage of people that visit the Denmark Wine Region only to return with wishes to call it home. Ross and Dallas Lewis found their 70-acre patch of heaven at Ducketts Mill in 1996. The property was purchased as a working cattle farm.

There must be something in the air that encouraged these Denmark locals to grow ‘a few grapes’. Three varietals were planted across five acres, which slowly crept up over the years to cover 18 acres. Believe it or not, the first vintage of Riesling added up to be a few hundred kilos. Something in the air indeed! 

To visit Ducketts Mill is to experience the success of working hard and offering quality products. In 2004 Ross and Dallas diversified their product offerings even more by opening a cheesery on the property. Ducketts Mill Wines And Denmark Farmhouse Cheese is a must-visit if you’re in the Wine Region of Denmark. 

4.5 ⭐️ Trip Advisor from 180 reviews
4.3 ⭐️ Google Review from 183 reviews

Visit Ducketts Mill Wines & Denmark Farmhouse Cheese 

Rickety Gate Estate

If you’re travelling to the wineries of Denmark, put this Estate on your list of must-do activities. The cellar door opens on Saturdays and Sundays, offering premium wine tastings for your satisfaction. 

Located on Scottsdale Road, the eye-catching Rickety Gate Estate is set in a rolling valley. With the gravelly soil underfoot and slopes facing the northern lights, this picturesque location was built for growing high-quality cool-climate fruit. 

In 2007 the Hubbard family invested in the infrastructure that you can call home for an afternoon. The barrel room can seat up to 90 people for dinner, so be sure to bring your friends and family! Making an impression for quality service and quality wines is no easy feat in the competitive Denmark wine region; however, Rickety Gate Estate manages to do just that. Friendly staff and quality wine, throw in a wine tour tasting, and you got yourself a time. 

5⭐️ Trip Advisor from 22 reviews
5⭐️ Google Review from 6 reviews

Visit Rickety Gate Estate


Sophisticated and elegant are words associated with Rockcliffe. The Denmark winery is headed by the successful winemaker Elysia Harrison. The team at Rockliffe has been gaining much recognition for their hard work over the years, establishing a unique product to show for it. With over 150 wineries in Western Australia, claiming the 2014 Most Improved Winery in Western Australia Award is no small feat. 

The cellar door is open every day, offering an extensive range of wines to pair with your meal or for consumption at a later date. If the wines aren’t enough to draw you in, consider the gelatos and sorbet made in house complimenting the bluebird summer days. With the beaches of Denmark just 15 km away, a morning swim and an afternoon of wine, you can’t go wrong!

Rockcliffe is well known as a host to many summer events across Denmark. As far as the top wineries in Denmark go, Rockcliffe is undoubtedly a contender for the quality of wine and atmosphere provided!

4.5 ⭐️ Trip Advisor from 43 reviews
4.7 ⭐️ Google Review from 34 reviews

Visit Rockcliffe Winery

Moombaki Wines

On the western border of the Denmark Wine Region, you will find a small vineyard along the Kent River. Moombaki Wines is a family-run vineyard whose focus revolves primarily on handcrafting quality wines with an ecological approach. 

Along with their four kids and extended family, David and Melissa run this humble family operation and continue to find success with their product offerings. The small scale approach to farming gives the family at Moombaki the freedom to go to the vines and attend to their needs intimately. The minimal intervention winemaking of Moombaki is a breath of fresh air in today’s mass-produced wine market. Hand-picked fruit and carefully selected oak barrels keeps quality at the forefront. 

This is a wholesome place and one that you must visit when exploring the Denmark wineries. The cellar door stands out differently from the others mentioned. Besides the complimentary wine tasting provided, you can immerse yourself in the art and culture of Moombaki. Art, sculptures and handmade furniture all contribute to a welcoming space for you to enjoy. 

4.5 ⭐️ Trip Advisor from 21 reviews
4.9 ⭐️ Google Review from 18 reviews

Visit Moombaki Wines

Things to Do in Denmark

Denmark wineries are diverse in their offerings and reliable in their quality. Whether you plan on staying for a few days or a fortnight, you will have no problems visiting this list of the best wineries near Denmark. They are welcoming and hospitable, and the residents are energetic and passionate.

At arm’s reach from the beaches in Denmark, touring the best wineries has never been so much fun. Tick off both destination choices in one! Where the ocean meets land, and the sea breeze meets vines. The six wineries listed all have something magnificent to offer on your holiday to Denmark, Western Australia.

If you’re wined out from all the quality vineyards you’ve visited, be sure to check out the Valley of the Giants Tree Tops Walk. Meander through the treetops on the elevated walkways, experience the power and awe of the ancient and gigantic beasts. It truly is humbling and silencing to witness the serenity from a birds-eye-view. 

Overlooking the Great Southern Ocean is the Elephant Rocks. Towering boulders like the tips of icebergs half-submerged in sapphire waters, similar to a pack of elephants bathing under the hot Persian sun. Elephant Rocks is 15 minutes west of Denmarks and makes for a great morning activity.

Looking for more regions and wineries near you?